Touch Vibol

Advocate for freedom, justice, and democracy to Cambodia.

Mr. Vibol is a Khmer Rouge survivor who grew up in the middle of civil war in Cambodia. Like many Cambodian kids, his childhood was robbed by the killing field and an era of Communist Vietnam invasion. His first time at school was at eight years old with a used pencil and a used piece of paper after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime. He survived the K-5 plan of Communist Vietnam occupation because of his young age. Many Cambodian people were slaughtered by land mines, starvation, and disease under the K-5 plan.

With ambition to be freed, he led a student movement for democracy during his tenure at a university. Along with his peers, he built student networks across universities. He survived the brutal crackdown of the Hun Sen regime in 1998.

In early 2000, he survived being beaten up by the Hun Sen force. He continued to advocate for bringing real democracy and human rights and respect to Cambodia. In mid-2000, he moved to the United States of America as a political asylum. Currently, he resides in North Carolina along with his wife and two daughters. He is still involved with the Cambodian American community to promote democracy and human rights and respect to Cambodia. As Executive Director of Cambodia-America Alliance since 2014, he joined delegations to lobby senators, congressmen and women, officials at the Pentagon, officials at the State Department, and officials at the White House to demand for accountabilities for human rights violation in Cambodia. He is also leading projects such as debate program, youth adventure program, and other programs to empower Cambodian younger generation to understand the Cambodian government’s policies and to prepare them to be next leader.

He graduated his with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Cambodia in 2000 and a master’s degree in business administration from the state of Virginia, USA in 2009. He is a certified fraud examiner and has served as a financial analyst for over ten years in the private sector.

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